Driving is so much fun!

Driving has got to be the best past time of all time. I mean come on, why wouldn't it be. You get to get cut off, break checked, people don't use their blinkers, and you put your life and other's lives on the line when you drive. Driving in the mountains has really got to … Continue reading Driving is so much fun!

Some People’s Kids!

There is this amazing new invention that was made called a blinker! These things are so amazing and easy to use even a toddler could use it. It is placed in a car, it is the little stick on the left side of the steering wheel which is the giant circle that steers the car. … Continue reading Some People’s Kids!

Are Men Broken? An Analysis of Men in Today’s World.

What is wrong with Men? Well, quite a lot actually... Men are failing in every category in 2018. Male employees often show up late, many are failing in school, and many simply check out of the family life by either not marrying and pursuing stable long-term relationships or just plain out leaving the children. What … Continue reading Are Men Broken? An Analysis of Men in Today’s World.